Our Top 8 Favourite Wallpapers

2019 is the year for botanicals, textures and metallics. We have narrowed down our top 8 favourite wallpapers of the year so far to inspire your next interior project.

Number One. Sanderson Glasshouse. The Glasshouse takes its inspiration from botanical influences, blending the science of flowers and foliage with the elegance of art.

Number Two. Osborne & Little Folium. Folium is the latin word for leaf. This collection features a contemporary botanical theme with dramatic large-scale digital prints.

Number Three. Anthology Wallpaper. A highly figurative interpretation of an original ink and salt-printed silk fabric which could easily be construed as a mountainous landscape or a glacial terrain.

Number Four. Mulberry Home. Modern Country by Mulberry Home takes a fresh approach with this collection of wallcoverings designed for both traditional and contemporary country houses, instilling the peace and tranquility of the countryside into any town interior.

Number Five. Homegrown in the Sanderson Studio, The Potting Room Collection celebrates the British love of kitchen gardens and rustic allotments with a charming, hand-crafted feel. Embrace the vitality of the English countryside with eleven delightful designs inspired by country farmer’s markets, natural wildflower gardens and the humble garden shed.

Number Six. ‘Bird Cage Walk’ by Nina Campbell is a pretty wallpaper using a combination of songbirds and gilt cages set on trailing branches named after the famous approach to Buckingham Palace.

Number Seven. Villa Nova Picturebook. A wondrous collection of imaginative and ingenious wallcoverings, murals and wall stickers with patterns and characters straight from the pages of a picture book.

Number Eight. Matthew Williamson Ananas. Stylised pineapples composed of flowers with colourful petals are set on a background resembling grass cloth.

All of our favourite wallpapers are available to view and buy from our Eccleshall Studio in Staffordshire.

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