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perfect fit blinds

When it comes to adding style, substance and your personal stamp into your home, investing in excellent window dressing is a fantastic place to start. At Butterley Barn, our range of bespoke blackout roller blinds, perfect fit Venetian blinds are designed to look as good as they function. With interior design in mind, every model in our catalogue fits your window frame perfectly for a high-end look. Without the high-end cost. Your choice of blind style and blackout fabrics can transform your home. So why not pick something as on-point as your interior design?

perfect fit blinds

Finding the perfect blinds for your home

Seeking out the right blind for your UPVC windows is the first step. Are you looking for day and night blinds, an easy fit model or rollers? Knowing what kind of thing you’re looking for is step one to a successful installation. Blinds are something we see every day, from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed. So why wouldn’t you want to perfect fit for your home? Here are some factors to consider when purchasing perfect fit pleated blinds – or any other blinds – for the first time.

pleated blinds perfect fit

Interior matching

If you have a specific interior design already in place, it makes sense to go matching. At Butterley Barn, we can colour match our bespoke roller blinds and Venetian blinds to suit any household. Whether you’re a fan of the soft grey look or you love a bit of pattern, there’s something for everyone. Our expert eye can ensure complementary or contrasting colours work perfectly in your home. If you have a theme, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it. Understated neutrals, bold and bright shades or delicate patterns – we do it all.

pleated blind perfect fit

Functionality and style

For any busy household, it’s just as crucial for your blind choice to be as functional as it is stylish. Luckily, our professional approach means blinds for kitchens and bathrooms can be effortlessly suited for purpose. From automatic and remote-control options, through to easy-install designs, functionality is one of our top goals. Simply clipping in your perfect fit frame is far easier than purchasing a generic model. It’s also far more rewarding, too, for the final look of your room — easy fit, effortless style.

Timelessly authentic

Interior design trends can move faster than the average homeowner can keep up with. So when it comes to investing in blinds, you want a design that stands the test of time.

Our range of perfect fit pleated blinds and roller blinds offer that classic look. For a design that looks as amazing today as it does in five years, there’s no comparison. There’s nothing quite like that authentic sunlight streaming in through bespoke blinds feeling. Simplicity doesn’t always have to be boring, and with our perfect fit venetian blinds, your home will be anything but.

Our range of high-quality bespoke blinds

Ready to invest in perfect fit blinds but not sure where to start? Once you’ve got an idea of the styles, colours and finishes of the blind you’d like, you’re off to a good start. Our catalogue of roller blinds, aluminium venetians, pleated blinds and more, has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a blind solution that looks great and functions perfectly, Butterley Barn’s Blinds Perfect Fit are the answer. Here are just a few of the designs we offer that you might consider:

day and night blinds

Day and night blinds

Designed to add extra versatility to your interior, day and night blinds are exactly as the name suggests. An evolution on traditional roller blinds, this bespoke option includes two layers of fabric. For better control of light, both during the day and in the evening, day to night blinds offers the ideal solution. Motorised options are also available, boosting the benefit of this particular style. Effortlessly transitioning from morning light management to evening cosiness has never been easier.

Who best suits day and night blinds? This option is ideal for the modern household, especially those with larger UPVC windows. While these blinds are suited for any home, they work particularly well on larger window options for immediate results. No drilling or screws required, just clever design work. If you want a versatile window dressing that looks modern and filters light effectively, then day and night blinds are for you.

venetian blinds perfect fit

Venetian blinds

We love every type of blind at Butterley Barn, but we have a soft spot for Venetian Blinds. An absolute classic in interior design, ideal for shading and light control. Venetian blinds are having an increase in popularity lately, thanks to both their design quality and versatility/ If you want to introduce light control without completely obscuring your view, Venetians are the answer. We create our perfect fit blinds for beautiful woods as well as modern aluminium to provide a stunning effect.

Venetian blinds are an excellent addition to any home. Providing depth, control and interior interest to any space. Particularly popular for bathrooms and kitchens, this solution is entirely made to measure. Combined with motorised functionality, light need never be a problem in your home again. Sometimes, you’ve got to fall back on the classics to get the most out of your interior.

Why bespoke is the best solution for your blinds

Are you considering investing in new roller blinds, pleated blinds or day and night blinds for your home? Then going bespoke is the ideal solution for you. Designed to perfectly fit your specific home, made to measure blinds look incredible and add to any interior if done the right way. At Butterley Barn, we’re experts and enthusiasts when it comes to interior design. This interest has allowed us to create tailor-made solutions that suit any home. If you’re investing in pleated blinds, venetian blinds or any time of blinds, don’t go for a generic option. Pick bespoke and that perfect fit, and your interior will never look better.

To find out more about our tailor-made blinds and perfect fit window dressing solutions, see our full range online today. Or contact us on 01785 859222 to find out how we could transform your interiors. For beautiful blinds, we should be your number one choice. But if you are looking for Shutter Blinds, then check out our Staffordshire Shutters

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