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Interior Design in Staffordshire

Transform your home with the help of our team of expert interior designers at Butterley Barn.

Bespoke Wallcoverings

Wall Coverings

Discover the perfect wall covering to match your unique style and elevate the look and feel of your home. Choose from a curated selection of top brands to find the ideal finish for your walls.

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Revamp your home with our exceptional selection of designer fabrics, handpicked to suit every taste and decor. From classic to contemporary, our carefully curated collection will impress and add a touch of luxury to your space.

Experience A True Tailored Approach

At Butterley Barn Interiors, we believe every home should reflect its owner's unique personality and style. That's why we offer a range of design options to match your taste, whether a modern twist on a classic look or a completely fresh and contemporary approach.

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Get Free Advice

Searching for ideas or suggestions for your home décor project? Take advantage of our free in-studio advice service by stopping by our studio.

Whether you need assistance choosing the perfect finishing touches or are planning a total interior remodel — our interior designers in Staffordshire are always delighted to offer advice and recommendations.

Just bring in your scrapbooks and images, and let us help you find the ideal design you've envisioned.

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Interior Design Texture


Looking to elevate your interior design? Don't underestimate the power of texture. From furniture to accessories — every element adds its own unique texture to a space.

Texture can be used strategically to enhance a room's features or add depth. For instance, smooth and shiny finishes can help reflect natural light in a small, dark room. Meanwhile, rough textures can balance out the excess of natural light in a bright, large room.

At Butterley Barn Interiors, we understand the impact of texture and can help you choose the perfect elements to create a beautifully balanced space.

Interior Colour Design


Colour is the ultimate tool in interior design, able to create stunning visual combinations and influence our emotions.

With the proper use of colour, a drab, lifeless room can be brought to life, and a small, cramped space can feel open and airy. The psychology of colour is a powerful force and can create moods ranging from peaceful and calming to bold and energetic.

Our professional interior designers in Staffordshire will assist you in harnessing the power of colour to create the ideal ambience for your home. Are you ready to effortlessly express your style and taste? 

Interior Design Patterns


Creating an interior design that lacks patterns is like serving a cake without frosting — it's just not as delicious. Patterns are like sprinkles on top that add a pop of interest and excitement to any room.

They can be found in fabrics, rugs, paints, and wallpapers and are created by repeating designs that draw the eye in and add depth to flat surfaces. Let us help you sprinkle some pattern magic into your home.

interior shape and form design


Playing with form and shape is one of the secret ingredients of great interior design. It's all about creating a visual harmony that soothes the eye and stirs the soul.

Take a rectangular dining room, for instance. By adding a long table, you can create a pleasing sense of symmetry. But don't stop there! By hanging a series of round pendant lights above the table, you'll introduce a stunning contrast that will make your space feel both balanced and dynamic.

Need some ideas to get you started? Read our guide to layering in interior design.

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