Texture and pattern in blissful harmony

Fabrics must be both practical and decorative. Need and style must both be considered equally during the design phase if you are to get the most from your space.

Well-chosen curtains, blinds and soft accessories can have a transformative effect on any room, that’s why Butterley Barn Interiors offer you the widest range of fabrics in the Midlands, all of which are available to see, touch and feel in our Staffordshire studio.

Below is just a small sample of some of our best-sellers.

bespoke fabrics staffordshire

Fabric Samples

Here is a small selection of our available fabrics. Visit our Eccleshall studio to look through our collection of fabric sample books and consult our expert staff.
Sanderson - Abbeville fabrice
Sanderson - Abbeville
Colefax & Fowler - Baptista fabric
Colefax & Fowler - Baptista
nina campbell - chardon
nina campbell - chardon
Osborne & Little - Raindrop fabric
Osborne & Little - Raindrop
Zinc Fabric - iLiv Manila fabric
Zinc Fabric - iLiv Manila
Mulberry Home - Flying Ducks fabric
Mulberry Home - Flying Ducks
Baker Lifestyle -  Nara fabric
Baker Lifestyle - Nara
Mulberry Home - Tiffany
Zinc Fabric - Connect
Osborne & Little - Carnival fabric
Osborne & Little - Carnival
Nina Campbell - Perroquet fabric
Nina Campbell - Perroquet
Colefax & Fowler - Carmen fabric
Colefax & Fowler - Carmen
texture fabric staffs


The use of texture in soft accessories and curtains is about our sense of touch and how things feel. Texture is also about our perceived sense of touch, you don’t need physical contact with a room to feel the power of texture and its impact on a design scheme.

pattern fabrics staffs


Pattern needn’t be intimidating; there are dozens of ways to incorporate it into your design. A well-placed pattern looks just as sharp in a sophisticated space as it does in a relaxed, urban interior. It’s all about finding the right pattern and tone for your style.

fabric colours staffordshire


Creating continuity through your soft accessories and curtains comes down to continuity in your colour palette. Having a shade in common or using colours that are similar in tone is what ties the whole scheme together.


Mixing textures, materials and colours can create a sense of luxury in an instant.  With layering, think about how different combinations of colour, texture and pattern will have an impact – mixing different tones and patterns will create a look that’s visually appealing, while layering the right textures will make sure it feels wonderful too.

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