2024’s Must-Have Luxury Blinds

Luxury blinds by Silent Gliss

2024 promises to be an exciting year for blinds, with plenty of options for every aesthetic and lifestyle requirement.

Get ready to elevate your space with our handpicked selection of must-have products that do more than just cover your windows.

Our top picks for this year


Sona Shades is a pioneer in motorised blinds, boasting over 32 years of expertise. Choose from a variety of power options – battery, mains, or even solar.

Whether you choose to control your Sona Shades with a handset, wall switch, or smart home system, these blinds redefine ease of use.

SonaCell: The blind for any window; these cellular blinds are available in sizes up to 3m wide and 4.5m long. The honeycomb structure of SonaCell blinds provide sound insulation and improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Choose a blackout fabric for improved sleep and maximum insulation, or dim-out fabrics if privacy is your main concern. SonaCell blinds have no visible cords or attachment bars – to operate, simply use your handheld or smart device.

Gable end window with Sona blinds installed
Photo Credit: Sona
Gable end window with luxury blinds from Sona
Photo Credit: Sona

SonaApex: One of the best options available for apex, triangular-shaped or gable-end blinds windows. All the benefits of SonaCell blinds, reshaped to fit any window in your home.

SonaSky: An intelligent solution for skylight windows. Like all other Sona blinds, these can be motorised for maximum convenience.

Why we love Sona: These innovative luxury blinds can be solar powered, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious households. Choose from their range of cellular blinds for maximum thermal efficiency. Sona products are also among the best on the market for awkwardly shaped windows.

Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss offers a huge variety of operation modes – electric, battery, chain, spring, crank, pull cord, handle, wand, and more. They’re our go-to choice for smooth and quiet blind solutions.

Their high-quality engineering – including features like roller gliders – ensure ease of use and durability over time. Silent Gliss tracks offer flexibility in design. They’re capable of bending at various angles, making them perfect for custom window shapes.

Unique patterns: Silent Gliss use laser cutting technology to create stunning luxury blinds that are perfectly suited to modern interiors. If you’d like, you can customise your shades from Silent Gliss. Bespoke laser cutting or digital printing is available so you can create your own patterns or add beautiful imagery to your blinds.

Silent Gliss laser cut luxury blinds
Photo Credit: Silent Gliss

Unique fabrics: Blinds from Silent Gliss don’t just look good – they can have useful functions too. From energy-saving blinds that keep your home cool in the summer to anti-fungal fabrics that prevent mould growth in damp rooms, there’s something to benefit every household.

Why we love Silent Gliss: Superior tracks and systems distinguished by their quiet, effortless gliding mechanisms. Plus, they look gorgeous – what’s not to like?


Okay, so these guys don’t actually stock blinds. Instead, they provide solutions to integrate your luxury blinds into your ceilings so that when not in use, they are “designed to disappear”. This approach eliminates visible cords, cables, or side channels for a seamless and uncluttered look.

Educational model of Blindspace system
Photo Credit: Blindspace

Achieving 100% blackout can be very difficult, even if you have blackout blinds. Many have small gaps at the sides of your window which allow light through. By installing side boxes or bottom boxes for your blinds, Blindspace can help you improve your sleep quality with 100% blackout.

Blindspace also offer solutions for skylight windows, as well as recessed curtain tracks (available in both straight and curved variants to suit every window). The tracks and end-sets can be painted to perfectly match the colour of your ceiling for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Why we love Blindspace: These concealed tracks and systems are perfect for pairing with your Silent Gliss blinds or curtains! Blindspace provides an uncluttered look that is increasingly popular in modern architecture. Their products are designed to future-proof installations, providing flexibility for changes or upgrades to your window treatments in the future.

And there you have it – our top picks for 2024 that represent the very best in modern window treatments.

We can help you update your home with the latest interior design trends. Contact us today or pop in to our Staffordshire studio for a casual chat about your requirements.

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