How to Choose the Right Blinds for Large Windows

blinds for large windows

Choosing the right window dressings for your windows can feel like a mammoth task, but we’re here to help you narrow your options down. There are plenty of modern blinds for large windows available on the market. However, you’ll want to weigh up your concerns about privacy, light control, energy efficiency and convenience to choose blinds that perfectly suit your requirements.

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Which windows need extra large blinds?

Modern floor-to-ceiling windows are probably the first to come to your mind. However, other large windows in your home may require blinds too – such as those in your conservatory, or on your French/bi-fold doors.

Bay windows

These traditional windows are often found in Edwardian and Victorian properties. Some modern properties have box bay windows instead. Due to the shape of these windows, finding a large blind that fits neatly into the space can be challenging. Of course, it’s possible to add curtains to bay windows. But if you would like to utilise the space directly below your bay windows (by adding a reading nook or a desk, for example) then blinds are a better choice as they will protrude into your space less.

Many homeowners choose to fit a blind to each individual window in the bay. Popular choices include Venetian blinds and roller blinds. You could also opt for vertical blinds – sometimes, they can be installed on curved tracks that match the shape of your bay window.

These windows are typically found on the bottom floor facing out onto the street, so privacy is something you need to keep in mind when choosing extra large blinds for bay windows.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

These very large windows are often found in modern buildings and high-rise apartments. Because these windows are so massive, you’ll need blinds that look stylish but don’t overpower the space. You’ll also want to consider how much light control you require – is the ability to block out most of the light important to you?

Vertical blinds work very well on floor-to-ceiling windows, as they offer you a lot of control over the amount of light coming in.

Before making your final choice, consider the weight of the material your extra large blinds are made from. If the material is too heavy, there’s a risk that your blinds will be difficult to manoeuvre. The headrail may also bow over time due to the weight of the large blinds.


Conservatories are notorious for being too cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, so we recommend choosing large blinds with insulating properties.

Because there is so much glass to cover in a conservatory, think carefully about your colour scheme. Brightly patterned blinds could make the space feel overwhelmed. If this isn’t the look you want to go for, neutral colours are probably the best choice.

Bi-fold doors

These large doors come into their own during the summer months, when they allow unfettered access to the outdoors. However, it’s important to choose blinds that will not prevent you from opening and closing the doors.

We recommend fitting blinds to each individual panel of your bi-fold doors. Roller blinds or pleated blinds are a great choice for this.

French doors

Usually found in kitchens and dining rooms. If your French doors are situated in your kitchen, you may want to consider blinds that are easy to clean and have some degree of moisture resistance.

Vertical blinds can be moved to the side to allow access to your door. Roller blinds are another popular choice, and can be fitted directly to your French doors.

What to consider when choosing blinds for large windows

Large blinds can enhance your day to day life in many ways, but every blind has its strengths and weaknesses – so consider the following when choosing your window dressings.


Large windows provide you with uninterrupted views of the outdoors. But if you can see everything outside, it’s likely that people outside can see into your home too. When choosing extra large blinds, make sure you consider your preferred balance between views, light control, and privacy.


Large window blinds require more material to ensure full coverage of your window. The weight of your blinds can put unnecessary pressure on your fixtures and fittings, causing issues further down the line. If you require extra large blinds for your windows, consider the weight of the material you choose.

Light control

Large windows usually mean lots of natural light – a definite benefit for most homeowners. However, it’s best to have control over how much light is entering your home at any given time. Rather than choosing an all or nothing option like curtains, choose blinds with slats (venetian or vertical) and rotate to allow the correct amount of light in.

Thermal control

Unfortunately, heat is lost through the windows of most homes. The bigger the window, the more heat can be lost. Choose blinds with insulating or thermal properties to help control the temperature of your home. Cellular blinds or blinds with a honeycomb structure are best for insulation.

This doesn’t just benefit you in the winter – during the summer, the sun’s glare can make your home feel unbearably hot on some days. Cellular blinds also help to keep the heat out on warmer days, so you can stay cool and comfortable in your home.

Movement for windows and doors

When picking large blinds to cover your French or bi-fold doors, you should ensure that your chosen blinds don’t impede your ability to open or close the doors.

Vertical blinds can be drawn to the sides, giving you access to your door. Alternatively, individual blinds can be installed on each section of the glass. This allows you to operate your doors or windows, even when your blinds are fully drawn.

You can also fit blinds directly to the doors. It’s worth getting these professionally installed, to guarantee that the mechanisms of your blinds don’t interfere with your doors.


Motorised blinds are perfect for large windows or windows that are difficult to reach. Operating your extra large blinds is as easy as touching a button. They also have security advantages – you can program your motorised blinds to open and close at intervals, making it appear as if you are home even when you’re out or away abroad. Motorised blinds can be mains powered or operate on batteries. You can control your motorised blinds through a switch on the wall, a remote control or even your mobile phone. If you like the idea of having a ‘smart home’ where many of your appliances are automatic and work together in tandem, it may be worth investing in motorised blinds for your large windows. Find out whether motorised blinds would be a good choice for you here.


When you walk into a room with very large windows, your eyes are often drawn directly to the views outside. This means that when your extra large blinds are closed, they may be the focal point of your room too.

When choosing extra large blinds, make sure you pick something you really love. We recommend taking your time to make these decisions, carefully considering how your blinds will complement or contrast against the rest of the interior décor in your room. If you would like assistance with the design aspects, enlist the help of our interior designers in Staffordshire.

Our recommendations: Extra large blinds for your windows

We’ve spent over twenty years helping homeowners choose ideal window dressings for their homes. During our time in the industry, we’ve learned a lot about the best blinds for large windows.

Vertical blinds

These classic blinds are an extremely reliable choice. Vertical blinds are installed on smooth runners, so you can cover large amounts of space with ease. Tilt the slats in any direction to angle the light as you wish. You can also have these blinds closed, half open or fully open. Vertical blinds work fantastically well with both tall and wide windows. Because they’re made to measure, you are guaranteed to get perfect coverage on your large window.

Roller blinds

These modern blinds for large windows are endlessly versatile. You can choose to have several extra large blinds, or cover multiple windows in a row (bay windows or conservatories, for example) with individual roller blinds.

Roller blinds are available in endless patterns, materials and colours. If you’d like your blinds to be a focal point for your rooms, roller blinds are an excellent choice. They can introduce new pops of colour to your living spaces or change the mood of your room in the evening when you close your blinds.

Roller blinds are easier to maintain than some other types of blinds. They don’t tend to collect dust, so you won’t be constantly up and down on your stepladder to clean your large blinds.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are great for wide windows. Adjustable slats allow you to let in as much as light as you want, plus you can fully lift or lower the blinds as you see fit. For a modern finish, choose high-quality aluminium. For a more traditional appearance, choose wood or faux wood.

However, it’s best to think carefully about the weight of your blinds. If your windows are especially wide, you can split your blinds to make them easier to use and increase their longevity.

Extra wide blackout blinds

These large blinds are ideal for bedrooms, or anywhere else you’d like ultimate light control. In living rooms they provide optimum privacy and reduce glare on your television in the evenings. Because extra wide blackout blinds are made to measure, they provide a great fit for your windows with minimal light peeking through the edges. Perfect for getting an excellent night’s sleep!

Motorised blinds

Get all the benefits of extra large blinds without the hassle. Blinds for large windows can be on the heavy side, and therefore tricky to operate. With motorised blinds, you can open or close yours at the touch of a button – or even set schedules, so you don’t have to think about it at all.

Made to measure blinds from Butterley Barn

At Butterley Barn, our mission is to bring your home up to the highest standard. We specialise in made to measure blinds and bespoke soft furnishings, using the finest materials to create window dressings that fit your home perfectly. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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