How to Clean Your Luxury Blinds

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Chances are, if you invested in luxury blinds – especially made to measure luxury blinds – you want to keep them looking their best. However, you might be nervous about cleaning your new blinds for the first time. What if you accidentally damage them in the process?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks for every type of blind. Use our handy table of contents to find easy cleaning solutions for your window treatments.

Table of Contents:

General tips for cleaning luxury blinds

  • Once you’ve cleaned one side of the slats from top to bottom, use the cord or other mechanism to turn the slats the other way and clean the other side of the slats
  • Consistency is key. Regular cleaning (monthly, for example) prevents more challenging dust and grime from building up.
  • When deep cleaning, protect the floor and furniture below with old towels.

Roller Blinds

Simple yet stylish, roller blinds can accumulate dust and stains over time. Luckily, they’re often made from PVC or polyester – so they’re pretty easy to keep clean.

How to clean luxury roller blinds

Dust regularly – use a dry cloth or a hoover with the soft brush attachment to gently remove dust from the fabric.

Spot clean stains – treat any spots or stains with a damp cloth or a baby wipe, being careful not to oversaturate the fabric.

Roll out to dry – unroll your roller blind fully and allow it to air dry before you roll it back up.

made to measure roller blinds

Roman Blinds

Made up of sumptuous fabric folds, these luxury blinds are best cared for with a gentle hand.

How to clean luxury roman blinds

Occasional dusting – if your blinds are looking a little faded due to a build up of fluff and dust, you can use the upholstery attachment on your hoover to freshen them up. Be gentle, and make sure you don’t press too hard on the fabric!

Spot treatment – small marks on the fabric of your roman blind scan be spot-treated with a cloth dampened with soapy water. Dab, don’t rub – and wring the cloth out beforehand to prevent water marks.

Note: consider the fabric of your roman blind before doing this. We don’t recommend cleaning silk or linen roman blinds this way. These blinds should only be dry cleaned; see below.

Call a professional – the best way to keep your roman blinds in perfect shape is to have them dry-cleaned. Double-check with your dry cleaner about whether they can clean the material your roman blinds are made from before you take them down and bring them in.

Luxury Roman Blinds

Wooden blinds

These classic luxury blinds bring warmth to a room, but you should never try to clean them with water. This may cause your wooden blinds to warp.

How to clean luxury wooden blinds

Dry dusting – remove dust from the wooden slats of your blinds gently, using a feather duster or a dry microfibre cloth.

Take it further – if dusting is not doing the trick, you can use a SLIGHTLY damp cloth. Make sure no moisture is left behind on the slats if you choose to do this – dry up any droplets left behind quickly with a small towel or cloth.

Note: don’t roughly rub or scrub the slats on your wooden blinds. This could damage their surface.

luxury wooden blinds

Faux wood blinds

These luxury blinds offer the appearance of wood, with the benefits of added durability and easier maintenance.

How to clean faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are waterproof, so there’s less risk of warping when compared to their real wood counterparts.

Easy dusting – close the slats on your luxury blinds and dust with a microfibre cloth. If you prefer, you can use the soft brush attachment on your hoover to capture the dust.

Wipe it down – mix a small amount of detergent into a bucket of water. Use a soft cloth to gently cleanse each slat.

Dry it off – after cleansing with the water and detergent (or just water if there are no spots or stains) wipe each slat with a dry cloth to prevent water spots.

venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Like faux wood blinds, venetian blinds are often waterproof. These luxury blinds are typically made from aluminium, making them easy to clean. However, because the slats on these blinds are horizontal, they do pick up dust more easily than vertical blinds.

How to clean luxury venetian blinds

Quick clean – we recommend a microfibre cloth or an old sock for dusting your venetian blinds. You could use the hoover, but cloth is better for reaching the dust in the tight spaces on venetians.

Deep clean – if your venetian blinds are very dirty, take them off the headrail and lay them on a large towel. Use a sponge with soapy water to gently clean each slat. Aluminium venetian blinds can also be washed in the bathtub. Rinse the soap off with water and dry with a towel to prevent damage.

made to measure venetian blinds

Vertical blinds

When compared to blinds with horizontal slats, these luxury blinds tend to collect less dust. You’re in luck – these blinds need cleaning less often than some other types.

How to clean luxury vertical blinds

Dust removal – use a microfibre cloth, a feather duster, or hoover with the soft brush attachment and work from top to bottom of each slat.

Spot cleaning – for fabric vanes, use a dry cleaning sponge (available in homeware stores; these sponges can clean surfaces without getting them wet). For PVC or other non-fabric vanes, use a damp cloth with a mild soap.

Full wash – fill your bath with warm water (not hot – this could cause warping) and a little mild soap. Rinse until clean, then lay flat to dry. Clean the cords and headrail with a damp microfibre cloth.

Note: not all vertical blinds can be washed. Check the type of material before you get them wet!

bespoke vertical blinds

Pleated and cellular blinds

How to clean luxury cellular or pleated blinds

Gentle dusting – if your blinds are only slightly dusty, use a feather duster and follow along the accordion folds. Repeat on the other side of your pleated blinds. If a lot of dust has built up on your blinds, use your hoover with the soft brush attachment. Keep the suction level low to avoid warping the folds.

Note: for cellular blinds, there’s an extra step. Dust tends to build up inside the honeycomb structure.. To keep your cellular blinds dust-free, use a blowdryer on the cool setting and blow all the dust out through one side of the blind.

Stain removal – for light stains, use a slightly damp cloth. For more stubborn stains, mix water with mild soap or detergent. Double check the care instructions for your blinds to ensure that the fabric can be cleaned in this way.

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Motorised blinds

Because your motorised blinds have electric components, extra care is required when cleaning them. Make sure you don’t get any of the mechanisms wet!

How to clean luxury motorised blinds

Dusting and spot cleaning – use a light touch with a feather duster or a microfibre cloth to clean your blinds. To remove small spots and stains, use a dampened cloth with a mild detergent. Don’t allow moisture to contact any of the motorised parts.

Battery and motor care – ensure the battery area is kept clean and dry. Wipe down the motor housing with a dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation.

By following these tips tailored for each type of window treatment, you can keep your luxury blinds looking their best. Remember, regular cleaning extends the life of your blinds and prevents the build-up of dust.

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