Motorised blinds – the latest home and business interior design trend

Motorised blinds have become one of the hottest design trends for 2019, and this is mainly because there is a general appetite amongst millennials for as much automation as possible in their homes and places of work. 

This particular type of blind has evolved to become so much more than a simple motor that removes the need for manual opening and closing – it allows the user to create a ‘smart’ home or office environment where blinds can be operated through a connected device such as a phone or tablet.

The very nature of the Internet has led to it now being just as simple to operate a blind from across the room as it is from the other side of the world. But what are the true benefits of motorised blinds?

Creating the perfect atmosphere at home

One of the biggest drawbacks of manually operated blinds is that the user wants them in different positions at various times of the day, and then even if they do find the optimal setting for each window it can be tricky to remember the precise configuration for next time. This is where products like Powerview Motorisation from Luxaflex come into their own.

It is currently on show at the Butterley Barn Studio in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, and it is a web-enabled system that works with a number of motorised blinds to create a range of ‘scenes’ to suit the time of the day and the user’s preferred amount of light.

A schedule can be created to automatically adjust blinds as daytime progresses into night, and in terms of security it provides property owners with a reassuring ability to control blinds remotely, giving the impression that the premises are occupied.

Optimising a work environment

From a commercial point of view, the security aspect is also important, and there is even the potential for productivity to benefit by creating optimal working conditions for staff. A salesroom needs to remain vibrant and inviting to customers at all times, while an office space needs to have the perfect amount of lighting for employees to use IT equipment without eye strain or discomfort. Classrooms can also benefit from the technology, creating the perfect learning environment.

Time is precious in any industry, and this technology allows business owners to make the necessary changes without causing serious disruption to their daily schedule. Powerview Motorisation can even intelligently gather sunrise and sunset data for the blinds’ exact location, creating a truly ‘set and forget’ layout for busy professionals whose time is far better spent elsewhere.

Practical features of motorised blind technology

Most types of blinds can be motorised, such as vertical blinds, and these are popular because they are relatively easy to keep clean and don’t collect vast amounts of dust.

Products such as Butterley Barns’ overlapping vertical blinds can be configured to allow varying amounts of light to enter a room, and the majority of motorised systems run from battery power – this allows for completely wire-free installation that doesn’t require an electrician to attend. Having no visible cords is also a huge benefit when there are children and pets present.

Roller blinds are also perfect for motorising technology, such as Pirouette® Shades or Silhouette® Shades. Check out our range of roller blinds. Cleaning these is also a breeze as when fully extended they take the form of a single piece of material.

Venetian blinds are ideal for motorisation due to the time that it would normally take to get the setting ‘just right.’ Automated technology gives you the opportunity to save the perfect configuration, and returning to it takes just a simple tap of a button. The nature of this development in home and office interior design means that it can be adapted to practically any type of blind or shutter. Our range of Venetian blinds have been designed with total flexibility in mind as they come in wood and metallic options, ensuring that we will always have a product that fits in with your home decor.

The ‘WOW’ factor

Although practical, safety and security features are well worth considering, another huge benefit of automated and motorised blind systems is that they are entertaining and have a big impact upon visitors.

There are no two ways about it – they are incredibly impressive to look at while moving from one setting to another. Luxaflex’s Powerview system can also group together blinds from one room to the next, and there is something very satisfying indeed about being surrounded by blinds that are all moving and configuring in unison!

Home guests will marvel at how your house or apartment has been brought into the 21st Century, and business visitors will be treated to a lasting first impression of your company.

It is clear that automating your motorised blinds is more than just a passing fad – there are demonstrable benefits in practically any environment that contains windows. To find out more about how Butterley Barn Interiors can bring this technology into your home or business, please get in touch on 01785 859222 or come down to our store for a demonstration.

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